Thursday, September 3, 2009

first of 180...







3 great teachers. 3 happy kids. 3 successful first days.

After picking Avery up, we had an hour to ourselves to debrief:

"Kindergarten took forever."
"I want to use those computers"
"We couldn't run because of the bad air"
"We never got to have lunch...oh wait, yeah we had lunch I just didn't like it."
"I don't have homework, but you do."


Sara said...

Love that last line! So funny, and so true! I'm jealous that you have all three kids in school! My day will come! ADORABLE converse!!

peepinit said...

great photos...I'm so excited to hear all about their days. And your's too! See you on Friday.

Leanne said...

Where in the world did the time go??? Avery and Eli going off to kindergarten... I remember when we just had them and were comparing their size as the lay next to eachother on the floor in your old house. I feel like not that much time has gone by- but here you have independent Avery breaking the day down for you. Awesome!

Rochelle V. said...

oh boy...our little girls are in Kindergarten. She looks so big and so ready but are we?

Rebekah Williams said...

Yes!! The first day post. Sounds like she aced the first day . . . does she always have such definite opinions? I love it.

Like the sleepy eyed faces.

And how was mama's first day?

Christine said...

Oh she looked so adorable today!! She is such a spit fire, just like her mom! ;0)

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