Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 blind mice.

 Talent show practice with these 3 has been eventful this week.  Lots of bribing and water breaks were the trick.  Mouse ears, bow ties, white gloves, and canes.  They were all set for their audition today.  Needless to say they were hilarious and adorable all rolled into one.  Good thing we have til may to get things all polished up and ready for the big show.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

rocket man.

A weekend with the boys.  Cub Scout Rocket Camp.  A big to do!  Rocket assembling and launching.  Sling shots.  Lanyards.  Archery.  B B guns.  The best ribs, tri tip, fruit cobbler, and homemade hot chocolate. Port-o-potties.  Campfire skits and songs.  Alot of mud and some rain that almost sent us packing. 

 Red Ryder BB guns.

 Den moms rule.

Friday, March 25, 2011

looks i'm lovin'

It doesn't feel like Spring yet, but I know its comin'...

5. jcrew
6. anthro
7. anthro
8. anthro

9.   anthro
10. jcrew (i can't figure out where this ensemble is on their site after finding it?)
11. jcrew
12. anthro

Thursday, March 24, 2011

a quick hello

A few pictures I stole from Rochelle's blog since I didn't have my camera this past weekend at our mini reunion at The Grove. 

The penpals, Avery & Bailey, picking up where they left off last time we visited.  I'm convinced the American Girl Store is like a religion, in that if you receive the catalog, you know how to shop.  These two took off together the moment we arrived and immediately knew where to go and what they wanted.  Pre-shopping the catalog is key when going to the store. 
There seems to be a certain case of ADD which sets in once entering through the doors.  Its inevitable.  All decision-making skills are gone.  Lost.  and time seems to stand still.

But nevertheless, both girls left thrilled... each with a red bag tucked under their arm.
 One of my oldest & dearest... Rochelle.  xoxo
Thanks for a fun afternoon filled with shopping, styling, choosing, admiring, laughing, tantrums, and more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Avery received this doll from her beloved cousin Tony tonight as a belated birthday gift.  She took to Rapunzel immediately.  She styled her hair before, during, and after dinner...
It was quite fitting that the star of Tangled showed up to our home today... as there was no better word to describe the rooms as I left for work this morning.
Preparing to get carpet installed is no simple task.  Here is the office with fresh paint and the old carpet begging to be removed...
The boys room before new carpet...
The rest of the house storing everything from the office and bedroom...
I absolutely cannot find an ounce of comfort when the house is in disarray like this... even knowing its temporary.  I couldnt wait to get everything back in its place.

Tonight the new carpet is in... feels so good.  Some furniture is back in its place.  and some of those piles are gone.  Hunter and I sat down to watch an episode of Hoarders tonight, and it made me feel better about our temporary entanglement.
 Rapunzel is exhausted from all the chaos, furniture moving, paint fumes, and disorder... she requested to rest awhile before starting her next project.

Monday, March 21, 2011

photos by phone

Another weekend blew by...
A little arguing... and eventual hugging.
Some time with good old friends at The Grove... and of course some shopping...

A happy camper at The American Girl Store.

A fresh coat of paint in the office...the color is Martha Stewart's Pebble not Kelly Green.

And tonight we already began preparing for this upcoming weekend's Cub Scout Rocket Camp. 
 Love tucking these two in each night.  The best of friends.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"chaun" artist

 The first graders were assigned to create and build Leprechaun Traps this past week in hopes of catching one of the sneaky little Irish guys on St. Patrick's Day.  With a little help from Davin, Avery created hers using paper and Legos.  She had learned that Leprechauns don't like to follow directions... thus the tricky set of warnings.  The "trap" was the string attached to the ladder when, if pulled, would collapse trapping the leprechaun at the top of the hat with the gold.  It was fun to see all the traps at school and the time and creativity that went into each one. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

junk in the trunk.

My recent "Savers" pick up that I can't wait to incoroporate as a prop in the very near future... for now it makes a fabulous living room foot rest. 
$3.50... can you believe it?
It's okay if you laugh at me. 

Really.  I don't mind at all. 

I pride myself on being that teacher that goes above and beyond on spirit dress up days along with a few of my closest comrades on campus.  Sports Day this week was a no brainer.  Shoulder pads and all, I convinced those 6th graders that participating in spirit week is cool...
Still working on the office... getting rid of hodge podge furniture little by little in hopes of creating the perfect guest room/ office space.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around a color scheme/ design idea...

the kids were in hog heaven taking this quick ride across the neighborhood in the back of daddy's truck to deliver our couch to another family. 

(A big no no... I know.)
With daylight savings, we're loving these longer afternoons on the driveway and out in the cul de sac.  The boys have taken a liking to my old roller blades since Avery was gifted a pair of roller skates for her recent birthday.  A few new scrapes and bruises but a fun new hobby nevertheless. 

Peanut is acclimating quite well.  She has made it twice this week onto the Wall of Fame a.k.a. her bedroom door.

And speaking of the time change... bedtime has come a little too quickly this week.  Avery is loving her book lamp allowing her a to sneak in a few extra pages after "lights out".
And yet another week has blown by in the blink of an eye...
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