Friday, September 4, 2009





This little cupcake plays around while her brother practices soccer every Tuesday & Thursday. I can't get enough of her cute face and curls... I got permission to follow her around with my camera a little tonight.

Which got me thinking how I'd like to offer to photograph families for their holiday cards but don't really know how to get started or how much is a reasonable/ fair price? I would want to offer just the CD so that families can print as much as they want. And I am an amateur...
Please advise...


NewYorkerAtHeart said...

I love your pictures and the effects you use. I have three friends who started out like you did. They charge 120-150 for the session which inludes up to 1 hour of photo taking time, and a cd with at least 150 photos. We have used them and always get more than 150 because it includes original photo and photoshopped pictures.
Good Luck!

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