Thursday, November 15, 2012

frightfully fun

This was the year I had dreaded.  Scary Halloween.  The boys were determined to be blood and guts kind of scary.  

At first I refused.  No way.  "I don't do scary" was my reasoning.  Later that night I woke up at 2 a.m., (usually my finest hour)... but on this particular night I came to a realization... How much longer will these two want to dress up?  

And with that, we were off to Party City the very next day to find the creepiest masks we could find.

 Underneath all that scary...
Avery's version of Halloween is much more my speed.  Her dilemma was one I could relate to... Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Olympic Gymnast?  Or the classic tough girl from World War II?

Rosie the Riveter it was!

Our Halloween festivities spanned over a week's time, filled with parties, harvest festivals, literature parades, and a middle school dance.  One thing's for sure... they got a lot of use out of those costumes!
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