Monday, November 18, 2013

these two

A simple task: raking leaves. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Well Alrighty, Gram is 90

 We had gone when she turned 80, so why not repeat a good thing a decade later?  Vegas it was for Gram's 90th celebration with two requests.  A view of the water show at the Bellagio Hotel followed by hot pancakes with melted butter for breakfast in the morning.  The turn around trip was a success as you can see by the smiles above.  We are so lucky to have our Gram.  Just not sure we'll be able to top all this fun for her 100th!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cupboard full of GRAM

Everyday our family is reminded of my Gram.  Or Great Gram as my kids call her.  Gram makes pottery.  She's been at it for years.  I have quite the collection, as you can see. We all agree that food just tastes better in Gram bowls and dishes.

These are Gram's grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We are so lucky to have her.  She is well aware of all our efforts, accomplishments, and interests.  She never lets an achievement go by unnoticed.  Every card from her is signed "Love and Blessings". 

Today is Gram's 90th birthday.  

As you are reading this, some of the family is already en route to Las Vegas to celebrate her in style: With rooms at The Bellagio to toast to her with a water show view.  Which is just how she wanted it.

Pictures of the fabulous celebration to come...

I love you, Gram.  Thank you for being such a supporter of me, my family, and all of our lives.  XO

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today we honored

Fullerton Veteran's Day Parade.  An annual favorite.  All 8 minutes of it.  Police, fire men, ROTC programs, Marching bands, and the VIP Veterans.  America's finest.

**On a side note, I'm especially thankful for the city worker, Enrique, who came to my rescue by crawling into a manhole after my car key was dropped down into the sewer.  Yes, that happened within the 8 minutes of the parade festivities.

And if you really have some spare time: here's a peek at our Veteran's Day from 2009.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

kick. flip. hurdle. run.

A no practice night getting our wiggles out at Biola. And today... I'm sore.
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