Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring BROKE

What a week. Lots of baseball, swim lessons, the grand opening of our local city water park, and my personal favorite: alot of sunshine! The kids all had their favorite highlights of the week: Davin's highlight was going to the park to play baseball with his Buppy. This picture documents his bravery which increased everyday during swim lessons... Hunter got to try his luck at pitching during a game for the first time. It was a nail biter, but he managed to strike out to players from the other team! Way to go:
We headed over to our new water park in La Mirada called Bucaneer Bay. Avery was like a fish. She swam around independently for 4 hours on Saturday. She could not get enought of those slides and waterfalls. It was so fun to watch her having such a blast!
My not so fun highlight was backing my van into the neighbor's block wall...but hey at least my kids and the wall are all okay! UGH!! I am sad to see the break come to an end...but it was definitely a relaxing one!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggstra colorful

These are a few of the 36 hard boiled eggs this morning, just waiting to get dyed. Before the dying, we went to Davin's baseball game. We came home, filled up the pool with water and enjoyed the 83 degree weather with margaritas and a BBQ! This is my kind of Easter... These are the eggs after the hot water, vinegar and Paas dye tablets. We had fun drawing on them with white crayons, and decorating them with stickers. I am always amazed how fast the dying goes. Such a pretty sight!
HaPpY EaStEr tO aLL!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hole-y Cow!

My niece, Annika made the Converse company proud. She actually wore her shoes down to the ground! I snapped this cute picture of her at the park the other day peeking at me through that very hole! Safe to say it is time for a new pair of shoes.
Whatever she chooses, I'm sure they will look just as cute as this pair did!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ohhh so LUCKY! chip ice cream on green cones to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! When asked why they are lucky...
Hunter responded with, "I am lucky because I have a house and get to play sports."

Davin responded with, "I am lucky becasue I have a home with presents on Christmas."

Avery responded with, "I have a flower light on my wall and sparkles on my Crocs." (such a girl)
HapPy St.pAtRicK's DaY tO aLL...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Since my last post

What a week it has been, and then some! We have had four baseball games, two parent conferences, a fourth birthday and sleepover, and Aunt Lisa came for a visit! Whew... After all that craziness, it is nice to come home to this pitcher full of sunshine in the kitchen!

Here are two of my favorite "I'm finally four" pictures taken during the festivities from last weekend...

Dusan and I took advantage of the oppotunity to really get into the spirit of the strawberry shortcake vibe of the party.
Until next time...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mr. Baseball

Tonight was Davin and his cousin Joe's first baseball game... Mr. "I don't want to play baseball" hit a homerun his very first at bat... then continued with a triple... and a double play to get a player out at first!
Needless to say Davin shocked us all with his dedication to the game tonight which landed him the Player of the Game, gameball!!

What a fun start to this busy baseball season!

We are so proud of you!!

Duck Feet

There is a new game we play in our house (me included)...we run down the hallway as fast as we can and then try to slide as far as possible on the wood floors without falling.
This was Davin's solution to going the farthest...I am amazed by his creativity all of the time!

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