Friday, August 21, 2009

baby talk.

more conversations from the back seat:

Avery: Davin, how does a baby get in a tummy?
Davin: Mom said God puts it there.
Avery: But how does God do that?
Davin: He does it when you're sleeping.
Avery: But how do you know the baby is in there?
Davin: You start getting fatter.
Avery: But I would wake up if I felt God putting a baby in my stomach.... wait a minute...
Mooooooommmmm....Does God have bones?
Davin: Avery, of course he doesn't have bones, he is see-through!

Whew! Good save, Davin.


Rebekah Williams said...

crazy funny! And i so love the target conversation.

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