Thursday, August 20, 2009

break up.

The 5 of us get in the car to go to Target the other day. I am in the driver's seat.

Dusan: Which Target are we going to?
Me: The closest one...Whitwood.
Dusan: (dramatic sigh) Can't we go to Fullerton Target? You know I hate going to Whitwood.
Me: I just want to go quickly, grab what we need, and get back.
Dusan: They are the same distance.
Me: No they are not. You don't have to go if you don't want.
Dusan: Fine. (Unbuckles seat belt and gets out)
Davin: I will stay with dad.
Hunter: I will go with you, mom.
Avery: I will stay with dad too. (Avery gets out and shuts the door to the van. Then opens it right back up and leans inside.)
Avery: Mom, did you and dad just break up?

** Note to self...When the 5 year old inquires about "break ups", it is time to start monitoring the T.V. a little closer.

Good bye iCarly...goodbye!


Sara said...

LOL.... that is so CUTE! I know which one they heard that from. I just watched it the other day with Logan. :0)

Mary said...

how funny! :)

Boel said...

love the conversation, sounds like ours but kevin can't stay home by himself yet :-)

Anonymous said...

Awww, kids are the funniest sometimes:)
I work in a kindergarden and get a few laughs everyday:)

Anonymous said...

Too funny.
Your kids are so cute! So lucky!

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