Monday, March 16, 2009

lucky trap.

All the first graders at Scott Avenue have been assigned to build a leprechaun trap. The students could make it as fancy or simple as they liked. Today was the day to turn them in and present them to the Kindergarten classes. The day the assignment came home, Davin got right to work. He knew exactly what it should look like and he could not wait to use every last Lego in the house to build it. Here is his finished project (and yes, that says "GOLD" across the top...)
Inside sits a pot of gold, and a trap door could be dropped at anytime by the Lego "guard".
He was so proud and excited to take it to school. He couldn't wait to see what the other kids came up with as well. I was thrilled he did it all by himself. We'll have to see if it catches anything tomorrow...


twinkelydots said...

I see a future casino designer! If he can trap leprechauns he'll be able to trap tourists.

Looks fantastic!

Michelle Vandepol said...

super funny. love it! my boys built lepracaun (sp?) houses today out of twigs and snowdrops.

Boel said...

kevin says "it looks awesome. i like the whole thing and i like the gold sign too"

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