Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Over the weekend Avery worked on her Thank You cards to send out to family and a few friends. She was stubborn to get started. Here's how our conversation went...

Avery: Why do I have to write thank you cards?
Me: Because it is the nice thing to do.
Avery: Didn't everyone WANT to get me presents?
Me: Yes, but they also took the time to go pick something out and buy it for you.
Avery: But I said thank you already.
Me: Yes but when someone gives or sends you something, it is always nice to send a thank you note to them.
Avery: many of these things do I have to do?

When she got tired, she enlisted a little help from someone with a very good work ethic.
Later that day after we put a few of the cards in the mail she kept checking the mail slot in the front door.
Me: What are you doing?
Avery: I am checking to see if anyone sent me a Thank You card for my Thank You card!
One day it will all make sense to her.


Christine said...

That's just flat out hysterical!!!

peepinit said...

I got mine tonight! I love it

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