Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let the scouting begin...

Tonight was our first official Tiger Cub Scout meeting in uniform.
Davin has been looking forward to this for several months.
I hand-sewed his patches on... it wasn't as quick and easy as I expected it to be.
Here is my den leader uniform...
notice my patches are pinned and not sewn yet?
I don't think I could prick my finger even one more time.
Accupuncture anyone?
Davin and his cousin Joseph.
Learning the Cub Scout salute...
The boys learned about the food pyramid, the cub scout hand shake, salute, and promise. Played a few games, made some new friends, talked about healthy eating habits. It was a well-rounded night of fun.


Rochelle V. said...

okay, so Davin is super cute but what about that HOT den mom? you are going to be quite the looker amongst all the den dads! i can't wait for the updates on that one! and...let's get some bling on those patches...xoxo

peepinit said...

What a great night for the two of you. Were there other kids there from Davin's class?

Boel said...

this looks like it would be so much fun for Kevin....can't wait until he can join next year :-) enjoy the mom&davin time

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