Tuesday, January 6, 2009

park pictures

While Dusan and I got away for a little date night on Saturday, my parents kept the kids. When I went to pick them up in the morning, they were not there. My dad had walked all three kids to the park and took along his new camera...



There is this really cool old park in Orange that my kids have named "slide park" because that is just what it is...old metal, burn-your-butt, slides on a hill side. It is hours of fun.
Thanks for taking these great pictures dad!


peepinit said...

I like the picture of the three of them on the slide. Good times!

Boel said...

Awesome pictures...these are the kinds of slides i grew up with and you can get so much more speed on them than the new, plastic ones;-)

Rochelle V. said...

i'm way more super 'J' about the date. how great for the two of you! and i notice that avery is really loving the belt...so glad. xoxo

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