Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go Huskies!

Amidst all the soccer madness this past weekend, Davin had his first basketball game.
The program is through the city of La Mirada...and we love it.
The kids learn all the basic skills and the teams are named after major colleges. Best of all, they don't keep score (at least they aren't supposed to),
so it takes the pressure off the younger, amateur teams.
Davin is enjoying the non-stop action of basketball. There is no waiting around
for the ball in this sport.
And I happen to think his coach is pretty cute too. =)
I didn't get to see the game myself, these pictures came courtesy of my dad.
We are all looking forward to a fun season.


Boel said...

Way to go Davin! Awesome pictures and I was gonna ask for photography tips, but i bet a nice new camera helps alot ;-)

Luv Bug said...

That's awesome that Davin's playing basketball! Your husband is amazing. He's like "Super Coach" or something...! lol!

Well, hope things are good! ttyl :)

P.S. Cute background!

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