Thursday, January 29, 2009

cake auction

Tonight was the annual cake auction at the Boy Scouts Pack Meeting. Davin needed to take part in the preparation of the cake. He wanted to make a Tiger-themed cake,
but we compromised on an American flag.
Here is the end result... with licorice stripes and Tic Tacs for stars...
a 7 year old's dream.
Before the actual auction, we took the Tiger Cubs on an outing to the Whittier Fire Station where they climbed on the big trucks and played around in the real uniforms and gear.


After the fire station tour, it was off to the Pack Meeting for the auction. The cakes were amazing... What a variety: Star Wars, Pokemon, lots of camping themed cakes, and Davin took first place for Most Patriotic.
The boys got to try their luck at bidding with a cap at $20. We brought home a rocket shaped cake that we paid $10 for. It was a fun event all around.


peepinit said...

That was a GREAT lookin' cake. Maybe Davin can design my birthday cake this year! Orange frosting with brown m&m eyes, and black licorice stripes.

twinkelydots said...

I love the idea of the tic-tacs for the stars. Brilliant!

Christine said...

Oh I love it. Ryan would love to take part in things like that. Man I wish Davin was younger so they could do it together. Co-ed scouts for Avery and Ryan???? HA!

Boel said...

Congratulations Davin on an awesome cake!

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