Monday, January 26, 2009

soccer mania

This past weekend was the tournament that Hunter and his All-Star team had been practicing and anxiously waiting for. With the non-stop rain Friday night we were sure the tournament would be postponed. It all played out like this Saturday morning:
5:00 a.m.- I'm up checking the Doppler and the Yorba Linda mudlines- all findings don't look good.
6:30- anxiously awaiting coaches phone call to confirm
6:50- Got the call...we were playing!?!?!
7:30-Got the call- its pouring in Yorba Linda... we are no longer playing.
8:05-Got the call- nevermind...Get here! We are playing and the game starts in 25 minutes!
Dusan and Hunter jump in the car and race to Yorba Linda
8:25-Got the call- Dusan is lost and can't find the field in Yorba Linda
8:35-Got the call- The team is up by 1, Hunter scored the first goal???
Me: How the heck did he score that goal? You just called 10 minutes ago and you were LOST!
What did you do, slingshot him out the window and onto the field?
Dusan: Pretty much.
He went from this...
to this... in no time flat!






Our future Team USA: Hunter, Cade, and Ryan...
Game results:
Game 1: 4-2 WIN!
Game 2: forfeit (the other team did not show up) We WIN!
Game 3: 3-2 WIN!
Game 4: 2-3 Lost... bummer
The good news is, we got the Wild Card we continue next week into finals.
Keep your fingers crossed for next Saturday's results.


Christine said...

Yeah Hunter! I'm so excited, I couldn't wait for the update. What handsome boys. They're future something alright!

megha said...

I am also very excited

lost car keys

Boel said...

WooHoo! Way to go Hunter. Awesome news...quite the nail biting morning though. ;-)

Leanne said...

Wow- he is stud and what's up with the uniforms these days? They look totally legit. LA Galaxy is a bit jealous...

Traci said...

Hi Sara,

This is probably going to seem a little strange but my sister Kelley Miller told me about your blog and told me how neat it is and that I should check it out. I love it. Anyway, I was checking it out one day and noticed that this park is right down the street from my house and thought I would tell you. I thought it was cool that you were in my neighborhood and didn't even know it.
I hope all is well.

Take care,

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