Saturday, January 31, 2009

light a candle....

...say a prayer, cross your whatever it takes to send good thoughts to the La Mirada United Soccer Team tomorrow at noon during their championship game. Hunter led his team to victory today in the semi finals. He scored all three goals in the 3-3 nail biter. The coach did the unthinkable and put him in for the the tie breaker penalty kicks. Each team got 5 shots at the other team's goal. Hunter is not an experienced goalie...he plays Forward. When they handed him the goalie jersey, I thought I was going to vomit right then and there. He managed to block 2 of the opposing team's kicks...they made 2 goals, and the last one luckily they missed. Our team then kicked in 3 out of 5 to win the game!!
I know they are only 8 and 9 year olds, but this tournament has been so exciting for all the players and families involved. We are emotionally invested and we really want a WIN!


Steff said...

Okay, it is game time! Go Hunter, Go!!!
Can't wait to hear the results!

Christine said...

Oh I would just die as a mother!!!! Thank God their team scored some goals. Is there anything else they would like Hunter to do??? HA!
Awesome job Hunter!!!

Boel said...

I sure hope all went well and you're all out celebrating by now. Either way...Way to go Hunter! ;-) Awesome season

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