Tuesday, February 12, 2013

momma's boys

The weekend started out with a date night for me and Davin to the Valentine's Dance at school.  We met up with some of his best friends and their mom's at Red Robin for dinner.  Davin wasn't so eager to attend the dance, as he did not inherit an ounce of my love for all things rhythm and music... but in the end, he had a blast in the conga line and winning a basketball in the raffle.  I love that we got to spend some special time together and how he insists each year on wearing his black tie.  I know this won't last forever.

 Saturday we were off to ESPN Zone for Hunter's football banquet... better late than ever.

He received his trophy along with his teammates.  His coaches said some complimentary words about him which made us proud.  But the best moment was when the tables were turned and he was called to the microphone to present a gift of thanks to one of his coaches.  He had prepared a speech for Coach Aaron the week before.  

I offered to help him, but he refused.  

I was nervous for him, as I had not heard what he was going to say.  When he started his speech with a quote from Vince Lombardi, I knew he was ready for this.  His delivery was well-rehearsed.  I may have even heard a teammate mutter "I bet his mom wrote that for him."

A job well done.

I love being a momma to these boys!


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