Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mountain High

Last Monday was a holiday.   After 4 years of begging, I agreed to take the kids to the snow.  Dusan did not have the day off like the rest of us... so I was nervous to take on the mountain on my own.  Some of the "what if's" that ran through my head the night before:
  • What if I get us lost?
  • What if we need chains on our tires?
  • What if someone gets hurt?
  • What if my camera freezes?
  • And the biggest fear:     What if there is no snow???

As you can see:

  • We got there just fine.
  • No one got hurt.
  • The roads were perfectly clear.
  • My camera did not freeze.
  • There was PLENTY of snow.
Mountain High Tubing Park was worth every penny... the Magic Carpet that pulled us back up the hill after each ride down, was a lifesaver.  We had an absolute blast. 

This day will go down in my "Top 5 Favorties"... as a mom.  I hope they never forget it.


lori said...

Sara, what a great day. The kids will remember forever !!!
So glad the camera didnt freeze the pictures captured all the fun ..

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