Tuesday, April 24, 2012

time for a trim

I imagine that this is considered a felony somewhere in the Magic Kingdom, but Avery felt it was quite necessary to give Rapunzel a "fresh start" tonight.


Pretzel Thief said...

Wonderful photos, Sara!

Just discovered your blog, and I see that you and/or your hubs are of (I'm guessing) Serbian descent...? I'm Serbian, born in the fmr Yugoslavia, and came to Australia after the 1990s wars.

Also, my husband is an amazing photographer himself (professional digital/graphic designer by day, photographer all times in between) and I've learnt so much about quality photography through him (by default, heh heh).

angie said...

I wonder if I can convince my daughter to do the same to her Rapunzel doll. I hate finding those loose stingy hairs everywhere after she's played with her.

His Little Lady said...

ha, too funny! she definitely needs a new start with her hair! i mean, her hair gets cut at the end of the movie anyway ;)
xo TJ

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