Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunter and Haas

 Today Hunter had is first babysitting job: this adorable Terrier- Chihuahua mix named Haas.

They were smitten with each other from the get-go.

Not much was accomplished around this place, especially for a Sunday, but we all adored our special guest.


His Little Lady said...

oh my gosh.....this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! and i even love the name!
xo TJ

Ashley @ Coffee and Apple Juice said...

So CUTE! Our Chihuahua recently passed away and we have been thinking about getting another one. We know our boy cannot grow up without a dog and we miss our Chica so much, but at the same time it has been nice not having the responsibility of one so we keep hesitating to get another.

amytangerine said...

SO CUTE i can hardly stand it!! hope they get to babysit again and you snap more photos.

Allison Taylor said...

:O cutest puppy ever. Please make him visit again!

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