Sunday, March 13, 2011

verbs ending in -ing.

Spent the weekend:
  • Shooting an adorable new-ish family right in their own Orange County "everything is so new" neighborhood. I heart meeting new people.
  • Watching the OC Lawmen football team get beat by the L.A. Heat.  ugh.  (18-0 was not pretty)
  • Sleeping in (by the new time-changed standards at least) 7:30 this morning felt like heaven.
  • Taking advantage of Avery's absence for a few hours and purging her shelves and baskets to just make some plain old SPACE.  whew.  I felt a sense of pride tonight as I looked around her organized room.
  • Snapping pics of a little leprechaun.
  • Eating Chipotle for the first time ever.  Where do I live?  Under a rock?
  • Moving out furniture from our office which will now transcend from a 2 desk 1 couch office to a 1 desk 1 bed beautiful and inviting guest room.
  • Scouring magazines for decorating ideas.
  • Planning lessons for the week ahead.  When do observations get easier?
  • Folding lots of neglected laundry.
  • Discovering that one of the best places to find props for photography is literally in my own backyard.  Thanks to Savers today I purchased the coolest rustic army trunk for a whopping $3.50.  Can't wait to use it.
  • Avoiding fast food.  I have managed to drop 3 legitimate non-water weight pounds.  Yay lent!  Definitely missing my daily Famous Star but loving how good I feel. (and Chipotle doesn't count cause it didn't have a drive-thru :)
Not a single picture was taken of any of these moments... quite refreshing actually.


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