Thursday, March 17, 2011

junk in the trunk.

My recent "Savers" pick up that I can't wait to incoroporate as a prop in the very near future... for now it makes a fabulous living room foot rest. 
$3.50... can you believe it?
It's okay if you laugh at me. 

Really.  I don't mind at all. 

I pride myself on being that teacher that goes above and beyond on spirit dress up days along with a few of my closest comrades on campus.  Sports Day this week was a no brainer.  Shoulder pads and all, I convinced those 6th graders that participating in spirit week is cool...
Still working on the office... getting rid of hodge podge furniture little by little in hopes of creating the perfect guest room/ office space.  I just can't seem to wrap my head around a color scheme/ design idea...

the kids were in hog heaven taking this quick ride across the neighborhood in the back of daddy's truck to deliver our couch to another family. 

(A big no no... I know.)
With daylight savings, we're loving these longer afternoons on the driveway and out in the cul de sac.  The boys have taken a liking to my old roller blades since Avery was gifted a pair of roller skates for her recent birthday.  A few new scrapes and bruises but a fun new hobby nevertheless. 

Peanut is acclimating quite well.  She has made it twice this week onto the Wall of Fame a.k.a. her bedroom door.

And speaking of the time change... bedtime has come a little too quickly this week.  Avery is loving her book lamp allowing her a to sneak in a few extra pages after "lights out".
And yet another week has blown by in the blink of an eye...


Andrea Dee Photography said...

i love the picture of them riding in the back of the truck. i remember the first time that i did that...i felt so rebellious. love the post. xo

lori said...

I love the trunk... what a great prob and too cute in the living room. Also, you look really good in that uniform are you in the starting lineup in September?? Nothing is better than a teacher who loves to have fun with her students .. Love it

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