Thursday, March 24, 2011

a quick hello

A few pictures I stole from Rochelle's blog since I didn't have my camera this past weekend at our mini reunion at The Grove. 

The penpals, Avery & Bailey, picking up where they left off last time we visited.  I'm convinced the American Girl Store is like a religion, in that if you receive the catalog, you know how to shop.  These two took off together the moment we arrived and immediately knew where to go and what they wanted.  Pre-shopping the catalog is key when going to the store. 
There seems to be a certain case of ADD which sets in once entering through the doors.  Its inevitable.  All decision-making skills are gone.  Lost.  and time seems to stand still.

But nevertheless, both girls left thrilled... each with a red bag tucked under their arm.
 One of my oldest & dearest... Rochelle.  xoxo
Thanks for a fun afternoon filled with shopping, styling, choosing, admiring, laughing, tantrums, and more.


Rochelle said...

We still got it! I loved seeing you and I love our girls together. It's like us all over again.

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