Thursday, September 9, 2010

we survived.

Three nights of homework. totalling over 6 hours of our lives.  a few tears were shed.

And to think it wasn't even a full week.   I really need to build up my stamina for this school year. Yep, it's official. this will be the year when my gray hair makes its debut.





I welcome the weekend with open arms. I know I need it.  We all need it.  And before we know it, Monday will be back.


Heather at A "Love"ly Mess said...

Love the new pics on your header!

lori bliss said...

This is the kind of thing that makes you cherish the special moments of the weekend...

Lainee said...

I love your blog. Your pictures are awesome! Glad you survived! We have been in school for a month now, and finally have a routine, well sort of.

Leanne said...

Can I get an "AMEN"?
Friday at 3:00 couldn't come soon enough. Now the dilemna is - should I make the most out of the weekend and get all cleaning/luandry done OR relax with the fam & take a nap? I'm leaning toward nap... you?

Bonnie said...

Homework and tears can be very stressful. It occurs at our house on a regular basis. Ugg! Good luck!

Erin said...

Oh I so do NOT want to hear this! I know it's coming and I'm enjoying this time while my kids are still little and we don't have the homework factor. I think about how much homework I gave out to my students in 4th and 5th grade and now that I'm a parent I think...what was I thinking doing that to those poor moms??!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header.

Rebekah Williams said...

Mom asked me this week if I was putting something on my hair, since it has turned so, so dark. Nope.

But I do wonder if it is a sign that it's about to all turn gray? Yikes. I keep finding one or two.

Your new blog header is so fabulous. Mind if I copy the style? You'll survive this year. I think you can do anything, California Sara.

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