Monday, March 29, 2010


No Boy Scouts.  No Girl Scouts.  No report cards.  No E600 glue and sequins.  Not even a husband (he flew the coop for the sunny side of Detroit for a few...) Minimum Day schedule all week.  80 degree weather to enjoy.  And possibly even a pedicure in the near future.  I could get used to this.  And no daddy means eating all the naughty food: In-n-Out Burger...and our favorite: breakfast for dinner...and it also means 6 additional bed mates: 3 human and 3 with fur. Fun!


Rebekah Williams said...

Your doggies are so sweet. In this town we have huMONgous redneck dogs that eat little pooches for breakfast and sling slobber from the back of pick-up trucks.

Lovely, I know.

Sara said...

ooooohhh.. enjoy it! I love those weeks!

Michelle Vandepol said...


Heather K. said...

Sounds lovely!

Mc Allen said...

wowooooow, Im so darn jealous!! I hope you get tons of time to do things you like to do!! xoxo LA

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