Wednesday, March 31, 2010


These 3 documents arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had stopped by the house to grab a sweater before picking the kids up from school.  I noticed an extra plump envelope from our home school district.  "it couldn't be"..."wait a minute"....were just a few things that ran through my mind as a new layer of perspiration formed in my underarms.  I ripped it open only to find our permits for 2010-2011 SIGNED.  On the dotted line. 

We are free to stay at our school in a different district another year.  We had been denied initially.  After sending in a fabulous plea complete with photos of the kids in their school shirts as well as letters from some big wigs in support of us...they approved our release! 

I was so excited about the news that I forgot my sweater :/


I caught one of my 3 scholars during his reading time this afternoon...and it suddenly occurred to me, "When did he start spanning three couch cushions?" a minute ago he was two couch cushions...and a second before that, I swear he was only one. I do love how he insists on doing homework in his soccer uniform, as if it is going to make the time until practice go faster...

Hunter swears the camera is not his friend...and rarely allows me to take posed pictures of him... after seeing this one, I'll take what I can get!

And while you are feeling warm & are the Easter treats Avery & I put together for her to take to her dance friends and classmates.  Really simple: frosting bags, puffy Cheetos, and bright green ribbon.  A crowd favorite for sure.


Sara said...

That is the best idea! How cute! And, congrats on the school, that's always good news!

angie said...

Congrats on the kids getting to stay at school - yay! And those treats are sooo cute!

Heather K. said...

I'm very glad you got released. Your chosen school is a much better fit than your home school :)

Rochelle V. said...

Cute, Cute, cute! Where have I been? I'm so sorry I've slacked. adorable at dance. I'm stoked that it went well. And proud. Your them. Your school news...yipppeee! I know how much that means to you. I miss you and luv you...have fun Monday. Super fun!!!

Rebekah Williams said...

So glad your packet included GREAT news! How could the district let your fam get away? That would indicate a SERIOUS lack of judgement.

Okay, so the Cheetoh carrots--your idea? Adorable.

Michelle Vandepol said...

i love the carrots! going to be doing those next year :)

lori bliss said...

I'm so EXCITED and sooo happy about the permits... But there is a sweet boy in my house who thinks this is fabulous news... YEAH!!!

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