Saturday, December 12, 2009

on the 12th day...

Here are the kids just before heading to Grandma's house for the night...

Here is the living room floor after dropping the kids at grandma's, heading into the pouring rain to finally face our "lists", stopping for coffee, heading back out for more shopping, stopping at Corner Bakery for soup and salad, continuing more shopping, and finally brining it all back home.

Intending to get it all put away, we rented "Four Christmases" and got out all the paper and bags.  We both fell asleep by the end of the movie.  Needless to say, We have alot of wrapping and hiding to do before the kids get back on Sunday.


Erin said...

That is exactly what my living room looked like last night! It's always amazing - somehow everything gets done. Lucky you that grandparents are close by to take your kids!

Lindsay Bateman said...

ADORABLE photos...your kids are BEAUTIFUL! Love love love those pics. The photo itself would make a fabulous gift for their grandparents...perhaps attached with a note of why they love them??? Just an idea...brains always thinkin'...:)

Rebekah Williams said...

Got the card today.
Umm. Wow.
You are truly amazing, friend.
Did I say "wow"??!!!

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