Friday, August 28, 2009

supah star.





Tonight I went to get some makeup at Mac. As I looked around attempting to self-serve, Avery was approached by an "artist" who offered to fancy her up. I was amazed how fast she jumped into that tall black chair. I had really wished I had my camera... it was a sight. The pictures just don't do those glittery purple eyelids justice. When we got home she pulled out everything purple she could find in her closet to match her "new eyes" as she called them.

girls are fun.


Nathan said...

Something tells me she and Lilly would get along beautifully, purple eyelids and all!

Rebekah Williams said...

Oops!!! That last comment was from me, Sara! My hubby was apparently still signed into his gmail and it put his name my comment.

So don't worry, there aren't any creepy nathans out there reading your blog!

Erin said...

Girs ARE fun, aren't they! The other day I walked in with a new purse and Ellie and Addison were all over it... "mom! we love your new purse! it's so cute!" I thought - man I'm glad I have girls! Love the purple eyes...and I love Mac make-up. Those are darling pictures!

Oh...and I used Photoshop Elements 7.0 for the frames, brushes, and word art. :)

Lindsay Bateman said...

Your photos are always so breathtaking! Just adorable. I love your photography.

Have a super day!

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