Thursday, August 27, 2009

part shark

It didn't take a genius to figure something wasn't right with Hunter's mouth, when at the ripe old age of 9 he was still wearing his two front baby teeth. After an xray concluded that he had an EXTRA set of two front adult teeth coming was decided that the babies needed to come out with a little help from Dr. Tanabe.
What we weren't prepared for, was that while under anesthesia on Tuesday, the extra set of adult teeth (that had not even peeked through yet) would be pulled as well.
Post surgery:
4 teeth lighter, 3 stitches are the results. Waking up out of the anesthesia and constant bleeding on day one was not Hunter's favorite. But wouldn't you know, he was back on his skateboard by Wednesday...
I can't wait for that fourth grade school photo!


Sara said...

Poor guy! He's such a sport!

gooseandsissy said...

Parker has his 2nd grade pictures today with no top front teeth. I LOVE it!! such memories that he started 2nd grade and lost his teeth :-)

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