Sunday, March 1, 2009

blue & gold event

Friday night was the Boy Scout's 99th Anniversary celebration, also known as the Blue & Gold Event. This year the party was a pirate theme. To sum it up, it was a giant birthday party for all the scouts and their families.
A special guest arrived right away...Captain Jack Sparrow and his parrot. The boys were thrilled.

The kids were split into teams. They carried flags to represent their teams as they moved through stations playing games and of course earning loot.
At each station they were given a clue as to where to go next. this clue came in the form of a puzzle. They did a great job putting their heads together to solve the mystery.
One of the stations required the kids to sword fight Jack Sparrow.

The Blue & Gold was like a mini grad night with all the details and events. Next year the Boy Scouts will be 100. I wonder what they'll come up with?


Boel said...

looks like so much fun and what a great jack sparrow.

Steff said...

Wasn't that the most fun?!
Okay Maytie---I know it is all about Dav...but that was a great picture of you and Blymie Jack!!
Fun times!

Christine said...

I love how Avery is right there in the mix.
Looks like so much fun. I bet Davin loved it.
Anything's better than singing right? HA!

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