Sunday, March 1, 2009

i've got skills...

I am most excited about this new Photoshop feature (well, new to me at least). It is Panorama Photomerge. It allows me to use my regular-sized scanner to scan a layout one half at a time. Then Photoshop magically stitches the two halves together to appear as if I have scanned a complete 12 X 12 layout. I am an official scrapbooking grown up!
Thanks to my bloggin' friend Kristin in Switzerland for posting the how-to's on this great technique. I told her I have learned more from bloggers than any old college professor. Really.


Boel said...

what an awesome trick and a great scrapbook page to boot :-)

Kristin Reinhard said...

Looks fantastic! Great job!!!!

So glad that i could help you out!
Enjoy your new found skill, before you know it you will be scanning all your layouts!

Christine said...

I love this picture of Hunter. Natural pictures are the best.
I love the robot paper too.

Rochelle V. said...

I love all of your photo stuff. It's so neat that you are learning this. Can you teach me?

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