Wednesday, February 11, 2009

two great gals

Happiest birthday to my dear friend, Linda, who I was blessed to meet shortly before we gave birth to our first sons...over 8 years ago. As I type, i can't believe it has been soooo long. I scanned this picture from Hunter's baby book that shows us both hours before going into labor...we had just returned from shopping in hopes of "dropping". With Hunter and Chase tucked tightly in those ginormous tummies! How special to have our sons be just a few hours apart.
We have lived and learned alot together.
Then to be blessed 4 years later with daughters the same age.
It doesn't get any better.
I am not sure there is anyone who can make me laugh harder
(well maybe Dusan),
but you know what I mean.
Love you, Linda.
This is quite a special day for another great gal...My sister-in-law Michelle is celebrating her birthday today too. An incredible mother of 4, an auntie to many, a teacher, and a wife...
I often ask myself "how does she do it all?" and so WELL at that!
Happiest birthday, Michelle. xoxo


Leanne said...

These are pretty special shout-outs. Happy birthday, girls!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday ladies. Today another special girl was born too, my daughter Jordyn. So glad she shares a birthday with two awesome people. Jennifer Aniston too! HA!

Rochelle V. said...

Well, happy birthday to them both...and especially to Linda. She is pretty funny! But, I thought I could make you laugh the hardest! Hmmm...the pressure:)Oh, and I love her that an Australian Labradoodle, perhaps?

Boel said...

I wish them both the happiest of birthdays!

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