Thursday, February 12, 2009

i heart teachers

Holidays can get pretty expensive when 3 kids have 5 teachers all together. Valentine's is one of my favorite gift holidays...but it can add up quick. This year the teachers are getting Old Navy flip flops ($5) tied together with Valentine ribbon.
Here is what the finished packages look like: Get it? Head over HEELS?
I remember as a kid, my mom would always decorate the table and make a special dinner. One year in high school she actually made lobster! I am looking forward to making heart-shaped pizzas with the kids for dinner on Saturday and maybe heading up to the snow for some play time.
Do you have a favorite Valentine memory? Do you have any special plans?


Christine said...

You are just too freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Boel said...

awesome idea for the teachers!

Doug said...

Hi Sara, we do the same thing in our house. I LOVE valentines day. Nate and I made cupcakes yesterday, and needless to say they are almost gone before V-day! It took everything in me to hold him off for the baking until Thursday. I've tried the heart shaped pizza, and you wouldn't want to see the outcome. I think I forgot the cornmeal on the bottom. I'm sure you can imagine. Tomorrow night is tri-tip, (not in a heart-shape of course) For the record, I realized we have the exact same taste in music. Your music list on this site, reads just like my ipod. I love this blog. keep up the good work. Happy V-day!

Anonymous said...

wait that comment from Doug was meant to come from me Lori, selikov, I didn't realize I was logged in under Doug. That makes it even funnier. :)

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