Wednesday, January 14, 2009

special people day

Today at Avery's preschool, it was Special People Day. This is a day for grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents etc. to come to chapel for 1 hour with their student. I happened to have a short meeting at the district office which allowed me to pop into the chapel and surprise Avery so she would not be without a guest on this "special" day. I snuck in for the end of the service and sat in the church pew right behind her, tapped on her shoulder, and smiled with a look of "surprise!" on my face. She turned around and loud enough for everyone to hear, she said, "What are you doing here? You're not special!" I knew what she meant...I'm not a grandma, grandpa, or aunt, or an uncle... but it sure sounded funny. A little embarassing to say the least.
She sat with me. She got her name called in a raffle for a prize. In the end, she gave me a big hug before she went back to class. I am still glad I got to be there, even if I am not on her "worthy" list. =)


peepinit said...

What a fun idea for a day at preschool...

Boel said...

what a great shot of the two of you. you guys sure are photogenic...and when we get gray and old these posts will remind us of the funny things kids say ;-)

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