Friday, October 17, 2008

a week in our life: friday

To wrap up this eventful week in pictures...

Friday journaling:
6:45 Avery in Halloween spirit
7:45 Boys on their way for "spirit dress day" at school
8:05 36 sixth graders waiting for directions in line
11:00 Happiest Birthday Steff!
3:30 a little backyard "downtime" afterschool
5:00 a taste of neighborhood Halloween spirit
6:00 arrive at stadium
8:00 Caitie, Amanda, and I (the coaches biggest fans)
9:30 Dusan, Mike, & Visko post game picture/ ball boys and their sister
A successful scoreboard

This was such a fun project. Thanks for checking back for each daily update. I am ready to finally take the camera out of my back pocket now. It was fun to slow down and take pictures of the little things that we don't normally appreciate (or photograph). The week came to a victorious ending tonight when VIlla Park beat El Modena 38-14. The picture below (taken by a professional photographer) sums up Dusan's post-game mood...



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