Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

Today we headed out to Cal Poly Pomona's Annual Pumpkin Festival (as suggested by my good friend Steffanie) and I'm so glad we did! It was so festive. My favorite part was watching the kids explore the pumpkin fields...there were thousands of pumpkins...

Avery found this one that was actually PINK!

After loading up our wagon, we headed over to get faces painted...

Another bonus, was the Insect Fair...Davin was so brave with this millipede, and later a hissing cockraoch!

I am so pleased with this last picture of the kids...don't be surprised if it ends up in your mailbox in 2 months with a red and green border around it... shhhh...act surprised!


Sky Thoughts said...

Oh! how cute! Now one ever comments
any more. Any way, Cute! Love the little cat on your girls face. To cute! The most have hade a good time. If my mom would take me to something like that for my bithday the 29 I would like to tern 11 there. I know I know I'm only ten but you now what I love blogger. any way hope you have a fun time with the kids.

Dodson Family said...

Hi Sara! cute pic of kids! ...except the disgusting bugs!!!

where does your husband coach football?

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