Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's baaaaaaaack...

...with a vengeance. Eczema- UGH! Poor Avery. She broke out Saturday morning, beyond belief. It was on her lips and face, shoulders, forearms, and legs. We headed to urgent care, but turned right back around when we were behind 13 others on the waiting list (also they wouldn't have her chart to be able to track all her previous appointments related to this). I sought advice from the pharmacist... he encouraged me to start washing her clothes separate and with Dreft.
I have also started to notice a pattern with her breakouts and dairy products. So Sunday I went on the mad hunt for anything soy...cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter, and milk. At the preschool, I got permission to post a sign where they serve food, notifying all staff members that Avery is not to have any dairy products...yet today when I picked her up she had just finished a cup of chocolate pudding??...aaargh!
Today we were able to see her pediatrician who gave us the much needed answers we were looking for.
Immediately: start a mild steroid cream for relief as well as Benedryl at bedtime for 3 nights, to stop the scratching that is happening in her sleep.
Long Term: The Dr. sent us downstairs to the lab after the appointment to have Avery's blood drawn so that they can run allergy testing (enter harps strumming to the tune of Hallelujah....Hallelujah!!!) Don't get me wrong... the blood draw was not fun, but Avery got a Blo-Pop the second she was done. It took 3 of us to hold her down once she knew what was coming.
Now we wait for the allergy test results and hope to see the signs of recovery as soon as possible.

P.S. Yes, amidst all of this... here is the true fashionista in a tube top dress at 4 years old...
I warmly welcome any advice...


Dodson Family said...

Sara! Poor Avery! Jessy has eczema too. She actually has it right now on her finger tips and feet! It's so awful. My niece had it bad too - it got better as she got older.

They tell Jessy to use Cedafil. Have you tried that?

I don't know how to do the photo thing! I'll ask my young friend Emma!

Leanne said...

Sara- this is the weirdest thing. I always look at your blog through my link on my blog and it has shown Davin's b-day everytime. Today I checked from home and saw all these posts! I've totally been missing out!

Everything looks great and I love the crayon box with your new title. Awesome!

Luv Bug said...

HEY Mrs. A! I sure can help you add songs! haha! Next to each song is a little button that says "add+" just click on it and it will say something like, "do you want to add this song to your playlist?" then click yes or accept or whatever it says. And make sure you are signed in on project so that it will add the song. Hope things are good! <33333 Tori :)))

P.S. And I am working on planning out my schedule for when I can come visit you. right now I get out early almost everyday cuz I dont have 6th period polo cuz my practices are at night. so we will see...

NewYorkerAtHeart said...

I found your log while researching eczema! My little boy has eczema and we just did the allergy testing on Friday. We are waiting on the results now. We have used a new lotion called Cerave. It's over the counter but might be behind the pharmacy. We also use either Dove soap or Burt's Bees product. The Burt's Bees oil helps in prevention with my newborn who also has eczema. Good luck!

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