Thursday, September 25, 2008

finally a WIN....

Villa Park took down the Trabuco Hills Mustangs tonight with a score of 13 -9. I didn't get to witness it for myself, but I received an enthusiastic call from Dusan right after the game...and to quote the coach, "I am so glad to have that monkey off our backs!!"...he was referring to the two previous losses. Whew!! Next Friday we play at home (Fred Kelly Stadium in Orange) against Sunny Hills... We hope to "rain" down on them too! This post would NOT be complete without mentioning tonight's season opener of "The Office"
...a few highlights...of course the long awaited proposal of Jim and Pam... The weight loss challenge...My favorite lines of the night:
Michael Scott:Hey Jim did you see Holly's butt?
Jim:No, I didn't Michael.
Michael Scott: Well, why not?
Jim: Because Michael, friends don't usually talk about friend's butts.
Countdown 'til next week's episode...Did you see it?


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