Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daddy's Way

While I was barbecuing the other night Avery asked if I could paint her nails. Between running inside to stir the rice, and running outside to flip the steaks, painting nails did not quite fit the agenda. Thus, enter Daddy to the rescue... Avery was tickled that Daddy was willing to patiently paint each toe while she squirmed.
Luckily she picked a light color...
After instructing her to sit still and blow on them until they dried she asked,
"Dad aren't you going to paint a flower?"
Daddy is the next best thing to a salon with a spa chair!


Leanne said...

YES!!! I love it! I dream of moments like that for Rich and Sierra.

Too cute! Good job Dusan.

Luvie said...

That is too cute! My Dad would be like, "What'd you just say?!" haha! luv it!

peepinit said...

Oh how I wish I was there for that!

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