Friday, June 20, 2008

Goin' to the chapel...

Not much can top the Celtics win in our house EXCEPT...
After 5 years together, Frank proposed to my sister, Lisa!!!
In her own words, it all went down like this:

'Twas the night before summer and the city was HOT,
I got off the bus, and headed for the home spot.
Up the stairs, I opened the front door,
and to my surprise, Frank proposed on the living room floor.
I cried and I smiled and hugged him with glee
because I said yes and have a husband-to-be. The ring he chose is exactly what she wanted. It is stunning!

We are so excited to welcome Frank as part of our permanent family. He is a perfect fit! I could not have picked a more genuine, loyal, motivated man for my one and only sister! The kids were thrilled at the news and Davin just had one question, "Does this mean I get to wear a tuxedo?"


Luvie said...

Congrats to ur sister!

haha...i'll see ya later! I got 2 go to bed or else I won't be paying 100% attention at church 2-morrow...or maybe 50% attention since that's about the most I pay attention to anyways!!!

See ya! <3333 Tori

P.S. About that visit I promised you...I can't wait either!!! :)))

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