Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Green Greek Day

Unless you live in a cave you know that the Boston Celtics took the NBA Championship tonight against the Lakers. Other than Hunter, we all celebrated (our neighbors included) this exciting rivalry come to a successful ending for our favorite team. Dusan has been waiting for this moment for 22 years (1986). This might give you an idea of his loyalty to the Celtics... When we moved into our first home he eagerly informed me that he had bought "art" for our living room wall. When I got to our house there was a gigantic framed picture of Larry Bird hung as the focal point in our front room! I was so against the picture and did not see its artistic beauty as he had described, and attempted several times to remove it from that center spot. But each time it mysteriously made its way back to our entry way! Now that's a true fan. Here is a picture of Dusan at the defining moment tonight... He couldn't have been more proud. As if the day wasn't eventful enough, today was "Greek Day'... which basically means Sparta vs. Athens variety games, popsicles, and tug-o-war. It turned out to be alot of fun on this long, last week of school...
But my favorite part about this event each year are the kids' costumes. They really get into it.
Here is Leanne and I in our costumes. And when the kids asked me, "Mrs. Ancich, why isn't your toga white?" I replied with, "It's my Celtics toga, of course!"


Leanne said...

YES!!! I made it on the blog!

How in the world did you have time to post on a Tuesday night?

Latrice said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I read a few of you posts. I was in track too through college!! I don't rock actually!! LOL The drums my daughter is playing belong to my younger brother in law. She has a very small set at home though!! Hope to talk to you more.

Luvie said...

Yeah Baby! The Celitics won!!! I'm so happy!

Ya...I was wondering the same thing about ur green toga when I saw u that morning! haha! I get it now! See ya 2-morrow! ---Tori <3333

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