Monday, January 9, 2012

it wasn't pretty.

Tonight was one of those nights where something little turned into an explosion.  Hiroshima.

Words were exchanged.  Voices got loud.  feelings were hurt.  Accusations made.  Kids ran to rooms.  Doors slammed.

Not our finest hour.  Now what?  Can't take it back.  Can't rewind time. What was said was said. Period.

Apologies will be made.  Cleaning up will get done.  No sweeping under the rug.  Owning up.  Hugs will be given.  Kids will see that its all a part of life and that apologies can be accepted and that life goes on.  Teachable moments every day.

No regrets.  Life lessons.  This is real.


Jennifer said...

Amen!! It must be something in the air - Lily and I had a similar "teaching" moment last night... :)

andrea dee said...

real life. xoxo

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