Monday, December 19, 2011

on being a grown up...

As of Sunday, we've been married 12 years.  I had the flu.  I was the 4th one to get it in our house since Monday.  I can vouch for the kids, it was not fun.  So as the rest of the fam was off enjoying my birthday party at mom and dad's, I caught up on the entire season of "Up All Night" on 

My anniversary.  Alone.  Nauseated.  Yuck.
As I watched reruns on my new toy all day and it occured to me, that I'm a grown up. 

Birthdays come and go every year, yet it does not bother me.  I don't dread it.  I look at it as a great excuse to have a fun night out.  And I really don't feel any older.  Like 37 for example... sounds old, looks old on paper, yet today I walked past Forever 21 and wanted to buy every outfit in the front window. 

But grown ups have a computer like mine.  And a mini van.  And three kids.  Three dogs, two frogs, and a hamster.  Have been teaching for 12 years.  Start their own businesses.  Pay a mortgage.
So I guess I have to accept the obvious.


Jennifer said...

LOVED this post (except for the part about getting the, hiss)!!!

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