Thursday, December 15, 2011

fa la la la la... la la la lah

Christmas caroling at Kindred Hospital with both the Cub Scout and Brownie Troops combined.  An annual favorite.  The Girl Scouts presented the patients with festive hand made placemats, while the Cub Scouts delivered cards.  We sung our hearts out up and down the halls of the hospital.  Hopefully a few hearts were touched...and I'm sure a few ear drums were pierced.

 At the end, all the kids had their chance with Santa.  I've never seen my 3 want to get out of a situation so quickly... can you blame them?  I think he smelled like beef and cheese.

 After all the kids were done, I took the opportunity to sneak in a good word for myself with the big man.  After making my request, I asked if he does birthday deliveries?  NO?  It was worth a shot. 

As I was finished explaining how good I have been, he handed me my departing candy cane with his final words of : "I'll do my best, Check under the tree on Christmas morning."

I quickly responded, "Under??  It won't fit under!"

He replied, "Oh yes, of course... check around the tree... OR...would you prefer I just set it up in your office for you?

What a guy!


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