Wednesday, July 6, 2011

things are prettier in Santa Barbara.

last week I attended a conference in SB.  my dad brought the kids up for a few days so we could play tourists in the evenings after "work"... 80 degrees and sunny was the perfect retreat from the 90 plus temps that were happening back at home.
Avery got her answer to "what IS a Hippy, mom?".  The colorful gentleman who own this car has made a piece of art out of his transportation.  Fascinating.
great advice:
The pier had no railings and cars could drive to the end and back.
my middle-schooler had this expression everytime the camera came his way.  I knew that agreeable smile wouldn't last forever.

Checking out the fishermen's buckets never get old.
next we were off to the mission for the 4th grader in the family...


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