Saturday, December 4, 2010

its beginning to look alot like chaos.

new carpet.  new paint.  furniture everywhere.  in all the wrong places.  paint in my fingernails.  and on my sleeve. 

no holiday decorations.  just a few strands of lights outside. 

I can't stand the temporary chaos of it all, but i know we'll be glad we did it in the end. 

football is officially over.  I have my husband back. 


A sense of relief combined with the hopes we would have gone one more week to the championship.  there's always next year.  always next year.


wee said...

i cannot wait to see pictures of everything done!

Ride Operator said...

You should post some pics of the chaos. It might make me feel mine is under control. ;) Good-luck. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

melinda ann said...

I can totally relate to the home chaos right now. Good luck with everything.

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