Wednesday, December 29, 2010

into the Wii hours of the night.

After the Christmas festivities, Avery & I decided it was time for a road trip.  We headed 3 1/2 hours north to the Farm Capital of California: Corcoran.  We went to visit one of my dearest friends Rochelle and her daughters Bailey & Grace.
Bailey & Avery have inherited their mom's attraction to one another.  It was genetic, i swear.  Even though they are miles apart and see each other only twice a year they shared so many of the same interests: American Girl Dolls, icarly, Pillow Pets, wrestling, and practicing the splits... it was heaven to watch the 2 of them enjoy themselves.

Grace could have easily slipped in my pocket, and I don't think anyone would have ever known.  What a doll face.
No trip is complete without the girls in their matching jammies.

We danced the night away to Michael Jackson on Wii. and much to my despair, this is the ONLY picture I have of Rochelle and I together!  UGH!  how did this happen?  Rochelle, tell me you have just one that I can post where we don't look like sweaty non-rhythmic fools!
24 hours is just not enough time.  It never is.


Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness! This post makes me want to cry! I had the best time with you Avery! I hope our girls become the best of friends...just like us! I love you tons and tons! said...

I had a similar moment today ;) I was dancing to the song Sway with Me with one of my twins today. Sure wish we'd captured the moment on video :(

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