Friday, December 17, 2010

36 reasons.

My day was great yesterday.
  1. The kids woke up happy.
  2. They helped make scrambled eggs, bacon, and bagel toast: the perfect birthday breakfast.
  3. Avery put a pink straw in my orange juice like I do for her everyday.
  4. Homemade birthday cards.
  5. The green running shoes I have been eyeing to replace the ones I have been wearing for 6 years (including one marathon).  Needless to say it was time!
  6. Dusan hung a homemade Happy Birthday banner across the kitchen and clipped old pictures of the 5 of us around the edges for an extra touch.
  7. My students were extremely excited to hug me.  All day.
  8. I debuted my "simpler" photography blog logo and header and got awesome feedback.
  9. I had Lisacri's lunch with two of my favorite friends.
  10. Facebook love.  Wow.  I'll never skip another birthday notification again!
  11. Countless phone calls.
  12. New running socks from Davin.
  13. Cake Batter lotion and soap from Avery.
  14. A homemade ornament from Hunter.
  15. A new cupcake carrier of my very own.
  16. Starbucks gift card in the mail from mom & dad.
  17. $$ from Frank & Lisa towards the lense I am coveting.
  18. A very funny email from my Gram. She's so creative, ya know.
  19. A singing message from Uncle Clint, Aunt Deb, Arianna, & Gabe (i look forward to this one every year).
  20. A super cute lunch bag that could double as a purse.  Very sassy.
  21. The warm greeting and song by 20 very cute first graders as I entered the class to volunteer.
  22. Driving through Del Taco for dinner for my favorite 49 cent green burrito.
  23. Christmas caroling at the convelescent hospital with 25 Cub Scouts.
  24. The waves of emotion I felt seeing the looks on the patients faces as they heard their favorite holiday songs.
  25. Giving back on my special day.
  26. Getting home from the day after 8:00 and realizing once again we chose the right paint color.
  27. Feeling blessed after caroling to have a home to go to.
  28. Trying on my green running shoes again after the kids had gone to bed.
  29. Had Dusan time me running from the living room to the bedroom and back.
  30. Loved knowing that today was the last day of school before having 2 weeks off!
  31. Loved knowing that a group of really fun girls were taking me out to celebrate tonight.
  32. Not ashamed of my age at all.
  33. Excited for what this next year will bring.
  34. Loved cozying up on the couch after the longest day ever.
  35. Apreciative for all the little things friends and family did to make my day special.
  36. My birthday each year reminds me that my anniversary is just 2 days away.
A blessed day with a fun weekend ahead.


Heather at A "Love"ly Mess said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday!!!

Erin said...

Happy birthday sweet Sara! Sounds like a fabulous day. I LOVE your new green shoes. Almost as much as I loved your Christmas card. :) So glad you are having a fun December.

BTW - those pictures you took of families in the orange groves on your photography blog - breathtaking!

Andrea said...

Liscari's.....jealous! I want to see the paint color! Glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

those shoes are too cute. Very vibrant and cool.

Happy Birthday

Rebekah Williams said...

Yay! Yay!!!

Great day!

And are those Nike Frees? 'Cuz those have been on my wish list for awhile. You're always one "step" ahead of me.

SO GLAD the Californians are taking good care of my friend on her day.

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