Tuesday, April 27, 2010

friendly reminder.

I received an email from Kodak Gallery notifying me that my account had been "inactive" for quite sometime... I decided to delve into the archives which organized my life in photos prior to the birth of ye old blog...

I am so glad I did.  Would you look at those curls of yester year? 



Avery's 3rd birthday. Alice in Wonderland themed. Photos taken by my sister, Lisa.

I loved this day. I loved that she worshipped Alice for 2 straight years. And I loved those curls.


Sara said...

oh man, she is so CUTE!

Heather K. said...

What an absolutely sweet memory!!!!

Rebekah Williams said...

My sweet goodness sakes. Golden goddess curls!

Rochelle V. said...

I remember those curls! She was and still is so cute. Little Shirley Temple.

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