Monday, September 28, 2009

L.A. county fair




This was my first time ever going to the L.A. County Fair, and yes, I have lived here my whole life. It was even more fun having an adult night out with Mike & Lisa at the fair... I could have gone down the Super Slide 50 times, and never gotten tired of it. I got the "carni" workers on my side: they would step on Dusan's burlap sack at the top of the slide so that I could get a little head start, but that's between you and me (wink). It didn't matter though, he would still beat me, which got me wondering how can one's butt be faster than another's butt? Any whooo...

Front row to see Ciara in concert (I kept saying, Oh I know this song...and...I didn't know she sang this!). We were close enough that she serenaded my brother-in-law Mike. I had enough fried food that night to clog my arteries for the next decade but it was all worth it.

These pictures make me smile.


Mary said...

looks like you guys had fun! we are headed to the fair tomorrow..:)

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